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the art of construction

The Art ‘N Bau is the vision of two young but experienced architects for the qualitative improvement of the built environment from the design table through the construction to the technical inspection.

Our business is special in that throughout the design-construction process and in all its phases we provide support with experienced architects and with architects in training.

Beside our achievements over the last decade our exceptional strength is that we speak the language of all participants in the workflow and we are familiar with each other’s thought processes. These conflicts can keep many promising projects from ever getting off the ground - in the prevention of which, we have numerous references in the successful completion of the work according to the quality and the needs of the customer.

We believe in the functionality, quality workmanship, and beauty of the built environment. We work according to these three principles even when we put our client’s dreams on paper at the design table and even when guiding people in protective gear on the field, we ensure that everything meets the expectations and the ideas of our customer’s come true before our eyes.

For the highest level of construction service, our company has two separate engineering divisions. 

The ANB Construct team was established specializing in the general construction of industrial and agricultural buildings and warehouses, while ANB Inside is the flagship of the highest quality interior design general construction, whether it is an office or a public institution.

Please contact us if you need a quality, expert partner who knows every stage of the construction value chain to make your dreams come true.  


You can count on us!

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Headquarters: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Széchenyi utca 92.

Office: 1095 Budapest, Tinódi utca 7.

Tel: +36-20/961-39-81


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